Story telling is an important part of how we communicate as Appalachian people, so SAMS is dedicated to getting our stories out to the community and to the world.

Escalating Pressure Against the Coal Industry

On Friday, May 27th SAMS organized a rally and march through downtown Appalachia in celebration of Ison Rock ridge and the work community members have done over the years to keep it standing. This ridge, located in the center of town, is still threatened by mountaintop removal. This march, as well as a new letters-to-the-editor campaign, are tactics SAMS members have been using to keep the pressure on regulatory agencies and raise awareness in the community.

Coal Dust Testimonials

We’ve been organizing in the coal camps around the town of Appalachia to rid our communities of the dust that is strangling everyone.  These are the testimonials of SAMS members about the coal dust that we all struggle with on a daily basis.

It Takes Unity

A pamphlet as well as an online publication of the stories of a few members of the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards. Learn why they joined the fight and what they think it will take to win.

We are getting ready for our second Story Telling Project, so give us a call down at the office, 276-565-6167, if you’d like to contribute your story.