Coal Dust Testimonials

We’ve been organizing in the coal camps around the town of Appalachia to rid our communities of the dust that is strangling everyone. We have distributed over 1,000 magnets that inform residents of how to file dust complaints, we’ve pushed the Citizen Air Board in Richmond to force coal companies to keep the dust on site. We’re in the fight until the dust stops coating our homes, cars, and lungs.

SAMS members have given testimonials about the coal dust that we all struggle with on a daily basis.  Most of these have been published in the Post as letters to the editor, and so we want to encourage everyone to write to your local paper about the coal dust and all coal company abuses that you’re facing.  If you’re interested in getting involved with the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards in our fight against coal dust, click here for our contact information.

Click here to see some of these testimonials on coal dust.